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[19 Jun 2007|10:50pm]
// superman ..[quirky-ness.com].. [waiting for lightning] says:
but I'm pretty confident you have the means to make a pbj at your house
Mike says:
i can also make an abortion at my house
// superman ..[quirky-ness.com].. [waiting for lightning] says:
I prefer to avoid needing that one
// superman ..[quirky-ness.com].. [waiting for lightning] says:
though that's not something to brag about, every house has hangers
Mike says:
but not every house has you...
Mike says:
so yay for mike...
// superman ..[quirky-ness.com].. [waiting for lightning] says:
okay you lost me but I'll just assume you meant something goodly
Mike says:
well, i figured i could either compliment you or talk about dead babies
Mike says:
i chose the former
// superman ..[quirky-ness.com].. [waiting for lightning] says:
I'm sure that was a very tough call for you to make
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Yo ho [14 Jun 2007|12:28am]
What I would like most right now, is fun.
A specific example of fun that I am desiring would be... a girls night out, I think.
Go to a club, have a few drinks, laugh with my friends, and hook up with a cute guy.
That is what I would like most right now.
Well maybe not at this moment because I'm feeling pretty tired.

Marie-Anne's made a girls night every Thursday or something? Except I keep having to work. I don't work tomorrow night, but I do during the day and I have to open the next day. Ugh yuck gross. I'm getting pretty tempted to just go out anyway and to hell with sleep. I still manage to be tired with a full night's sleep anyway.

I've gone on a money spending binge. This happened to me around Christmas time too. The more I work and the less time I have, the more I spend. I go crazy buying movies and clothes for myself, and whatever else for everyone else. My mom's birthday is coming up and I'll be throwing down another $200 on that, and then my sister's is right after and that's definitely going to be at least $200. I'm up to 135 DVDs now. I just did some quick math on that, and if I paid $10 for each of those movies (which I think for most is about right), that's $1350. Figuring in taxes and a higher price on box sets, definitely more like $1700. I think my DVD collection is officially the most expensive thing I own. Umm yeah I doubt my laptop was even worth that much brand new. Paul's penis. I can be pretty snobby about movies. Basically I think I know it all and nobody else knows anything. Except Jason. He's the only one that I allow have an opinion on movies. Even people that I think have good taste in movies, still not good enough to actually value their opinion. I saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3 tonight, but I'm not certain how I feel about it. I'll have to have a discussion on it with Jason before I decide.
So they're making a Hairspray movie? It's a cute musical. John Travolta is in it, playing a gay character even though scientology refutes homosexuality. Just goes to show, love money wins everytime.

I bought some clothes yesterday... you can't really describe clothes, so I won't. They were all very much on sale, that's always nice. I went to Bootlegger, and I was pretty shocked by the service. Clothing stores are all pretty much the same in the service department, someone starts a room for you, asks how you're doing, gets you a different size, etc. I've been surprised first at Smart Set, where this chick went over and above to start a conversation with me and pick out things for me, and offer her opinion. I ended up getting something completely different from what I went into the change room with, and got accessories which I never do. Bootlegger was the next to surprise me, the guy was beyond friendly and just in a genuine good, fun mood. He didn't just ask if he could start a room, he asked my name. And before going into the room he made sure he had the spelling right, and then there are whiteboards on all the rooms where he wrote my name and his name. It made the whole exchange very personalized. I've rambled so much about Paul's penis that I'm starting to forget my point. I guess the moral of the story is good service is good. Do clothing stores have commission?

I've been using Crest Whitestrips, and I can definitely notice a difference. My sister and Mike had both used it and had a difference too, which is why I gave them a shot. So I'm glad all that money hasn't gone to waste =)

On the topic of coworkers, because I went all this time without saying anything about work:
- I'm trying to get one coworker fired, at the WAG. I can't stand working with her, she's a bitch. All that's needed is somebody to replace her.
- I had a dream I made out with a guy in my department. Super weird, because I've never thought of him "that way". And he has a girlfriend and even in my dream I was like wait... what are you doing you have a girlfriend...
- There is one guy I think I'd actually like to make out with, or maybe I'm just thinking I would. You know in your head you imagine something to be better than it actually is? Yeah, maybe that. Like, I think he's cute, but that could be just how I remember him and in fact he's not actually that cute. He likes macs and I'm not sure how I feel about that.
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Waiting to bloom [12 Jun 2007|12:08am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Here's a rant-story on personal responsability. You have no idea how much trouble I just had spelling that word. And that sentence. Fail.
This does involve work, but only by association.

First, the scenario that got me thinking on it:
At Future Shop, when people are at customer service to return something, or whatever, customer service will often call over someone from the department that the item belongs in, to check it out and see what the problem may be, if everything is in the box as it should be, etc. So I was at customer service for something along those lines, and witnessed a transaction taking place beside me. Someone had a movie that had a defective disc. Obviously it was opened, and anyone should know you can't return open movies. It says so right on the back of the receipt. He's told this, and then he's like oh well I thought you could if it was defective. No, we can exchange it, but not return it. Then he asks, well can I speak to the manager? Grace then informs him, "Actually, I'm the supervisor here." So he's shot down and I thought it was really funny and giggled to myself.

It's made me think though, look how fast and sure he asked for the manager. He had had about two lines of dialogue with her before he jumps to that. I bet he's done it before other places and had it worked for him so he thinks he can just beat the system.
The thing is, I can totally see it working. I had something get returned on me at least 3 months after I sold it. One guy had something returned on him a year after he sold it. That's so ridiculous and it's infuriating to associates because it gets put under our number still so we still take the hit for the return even though it was done out of policy. These things require manager approval, but managers are willing to approve a lot just to not have to deal with customers. The general theory being, it's better to lose some money on that transaction than never have the customer shop there again. And a lot of customers out there know that.
So I reflect on some of my customer-manager experiences.
Anyone that's worked retail should be used to customers trying to get a deal. Future Shop definitely gets a lot of them. Generally, we don't make deals, however it can happen. The customers that ask for them, and the ones who go that step to "Well could you ask the manager?", they are so arrogant. Very sure of themselves, and they try to place themselves above you. When I was newer, I didn't have complete confidence in everything, so if a customer started asking me things like that, I'd say "well, I can ask the manager". I distinctly remember one customer replying with the most arrogant "Yeah, you do that" you can possibly imagine. So damn sure of themselves. And where does that put me? About completely insignificant. Especially if I said no at first, then let the manager get involved, who says yes just to avoid dealing with it. I look retarded, unimportant, and just a tool. Future Shop often talks about the difficulties in distinguishing itself from Best Buy. Honestly, everyone reading this, how many of you can easily differentiate the two? Thought so. Anyone that's worked for the company should know one of its "values" is "empowering associates". I'm not just a clerk, I'm not just someone who can answer basic questions that really dumb people have, I'm not just someone who tells you what the price of such and such an item is. However, it is up to me to create the proper impression of what I am, and why I'm there. By allowing people to go above my head, by not standing my ground and saying, "No, this is my call to make", what do I look like? Not professional, not knowledgable, not someone who knows what they're doing.
I need to be the one in control of my life, the one making decisions. I have to show people that I'm the boss.
Or something, I've lost my story/point/reason for living at this point.

My poor heart
It's been so dark
Since you've been gone
After all you're the one who turns me off
You're the only one who can turn me back on

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Let's talk about you and me [06 Jun 2007|11:04pm]
I did some calculations, and between my two jobs I'm working 50 hours next week, not one day off. If you were thinking of applying, please do ASAP. I don't feel like working 5 shifts a week there, it will drive me crazy. I love money, but I also love sanity. And sleep. And a social life. And free time.
I agreed to work Jazz on the Rooftop tomorrow night. I get to see Jazz on the Rooftop free and you don't. Neener. Honestly I don't care about Jazz on the Rooftop I would totally rather have the night free but I don't know how to say no. Like the perfect rape victim.

I have nothing interesting to ever talk about because my life is consumed by mundane things. Like work. Work work work. Blahhh.
I miss being a student =(.

Yes... nothing interesting to say.

I hate the rain. Because it messes up my hair.
How vain.
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If I had a little money [01 Jun 2007|11:49pm]
This is a long week back at work. I've made back about half what I spent on my trip. So it takes two months to pay off two weeks of vacation.
I'm not even going to talk about work this time though, except to mention Jason better get the job! Then we can work together yayyyy.

I got the entrance scholarship from the U of M after all. I wasn't sure if they'd say you have to be coming straight from high school or some crap like that. I'm pretty sure I got the higher one I was hoping for too. And I have that other scholarship I got for being awesome (since Joey got it the year before me I determined that's what the critera was), and my GIC matures in September. So there's like two grand for school without me doing anything! Very pleased.

I can't open my mouth all the way yet.

If Mike gets to see Wicked and Spamalot while he's in New York I will cry. Just cry. My top four musicals are West Side Story, Phantom of the Opera, Wicked and Spamalot. He will have seen 3 of those while I have only seen 1! Blah. Plus he saw Les Mis on London's West End. What a pooface. I'm so jealous I could stab him.
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Some say [31 May 2007|11:58pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

Who wants a job?
Brio Restaurant & Catering (at the WAG).
Either banquet or restaurant serving.
Here are two scenarios:
Banquets: Work 12hr shift Sat and Sun, leaving the rest of your week free for homework, extra curriculars, freedom etc., and make over $200 a week.**
Restaurant: Work a 6 hour daytime shift and make almost $100**
Let me know if you want details.
**Best case type of scenario. Not guaranteed to happen everytime.

I'm just too distracted to get things done.
I still need to:
-Renew MTC subscription
-Volunteer for fringe festival. Is anyone else doing this? Buddies?

I ate a sandwich! Wisdom teeth rule over my food choices no more!

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Maxillofacial [27 May 2007|09:55pm]
[ mood | creative ]

I got my wisdom teeth out Thursday.Collapse )

I really didn't mean to go into that much detail about my wisdom teeth. I'm such a rambler.

I don't work until Wednesday. A week off is nice. I've been moderately productive, I think. Cleaned a bit, got some exercise, did some chemistry work, watched a lot of movies. Also, my amazing list of movies that I own now also has the rottentomatoes.com rating of each movie. I have 122 movies, 7 of which are rated 100% (you'd never guess which). I'm also going through my music collection. I realized I was retarded and had been copying my music at a terrible bitrate all this time (112!!). So I had to re-copy all my cds to 320kbp/s and fix up their id3 tags and transfer them over to my external harddrive. Next, I'm going to go through all my music and do some re-organizing, then completely re-update my mp3 player. Yeah, I'm a geek. You with your 128kbp/s bitrate, .wma format, 2GB iPod.
Oh I am such an electronics snob.

I think I'll get surround sound speakers once we move.
Oh yeah, we're moving.
My grandma's estate was settled and my mom got a ridiculous amount of money (in context), so now we can actually afford to move. It's super exciting to think about! We've hated this place since before we even moved in. Now we can stop paying rent, and get new appliances, and other exciting things! Although we haven't even started looking at places yet, so yes... eventually. Within the year?

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There's so much I wanna do [07 May 2007|12:13am]
[ mood | creative ]

Dear World,

Photos and videos from my trip (including the video of me bungee jumping!), can currently be found on my facebook profile.
I am currently too lazy/unmotivated to do anything else with them.
Thank you!

To finish up my trip... the foreign friends we made in Quebec, and then subsequently ran into again in Montreal, were rediscovered in Ottawa! So lots of fun was had there again.
There's something about me and Swiss guys...
I was looking through someone elses photo and came across this guy I thought was really cute, and it turns out he's Swiss. That's 3 in a row!
Anyway that story makes no sense to you sorry.
In Ottawa, we were stuck on a french tour of the parliament building, which is all the same to me but not so much to Mike. Security wouldn't let me bring my camera tripod in the building, wtf?
The museum of photography was closed for renovation, the supreme court required booking tours in advance and didn't answer their phones.
The museum of civilisation was neat, they had a big postal exhibit and I like stamps so I liked that. Skipped the native history stuff.
The canadian war museum was definitely the best museum I've ever been to. It's all Canadian warfare starting with the South African war, and it's very thorough. It covers all perspectives, causes, effects, political, economical, etc. If you ever go to a museum, go to that one.
We decided to skip the train and do a road trip with our german/australian friends in their crazy van to Toronto. Got into a car accident literally like less than 50m from our hostel. We were turning onto the street its on. But no biggie, paint scratches on the other guy and he didn't care, a dent in the driver side of Sebastian's van but it's all good.
In Toronto, we saw Phantom of the Opera!!!!!!!!! Oh gosh oh gosh I can't even describe. It was beautiful, just amazing. I cried. I think it's fighting its way past West Side Story as my favourite musical.... though to be fair I've never seen West Side Story on stage. Phantom of the Opera is more powerful I think... most of my WSS love comes from Romeo and Juliet being one of my favourite stories. Alright shut up, I've got a romance weakness.
uhhhhhhhh where was I?
So um then we went home and the bus ride back wasn't as bad as the ride there. Mike chatted up some girl, then she kept looking back at him the whole trip. We giggled about it. There was a crazy gross couple in front of us. Disgusting and crazy to look at, disgusting and crazy behaviour. We were hoping so bad they'd get off the bus, and at one stop when more people came on before them Mike was trying to convince everyone to take their seats. But alas, they were there for the whole trip.

So now I'm home. I'm sick. I have either bug bites or a rash. Back to work. I love sleep so much. My bed is so nice. I can't waaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiittttttt to go on another trip. And I want to bungee jump again. Just thinking about the monotonous of everyday life, is making me sick. I'm going to need to go somewhere again pretty soon. Like maybe before school starts up? Anyone? Road trip?
Also I'll definitely have to go places during all the school breaks.

This trip made me realize I don't hate Winnipeg. I don't think it's awful or boring or any of those things we tend to describe ourselves as. This city's actually quite cool if you just bother to open your eyes. I love to travel, not to get away from Winnipeg like my sister is so keen on doing, but to get away from everyday ritualistic life. And that kind of life happens everywhere.

I've thought it would probably be neat to get a job at a hostel here in the city. I'm all inspired and creative, I bet I could make it super fun for everyone. For instance, I would come up with an in depth guide to the bar scene (I recognize I am currently very unfamiliar with the bar scene). Where are all the nearest bars are, the funnest bars, where's good for what night, etc. Hostels have a lot of advertising potential, my mind is spinning just thinking off all the opportunities and I'm not even the business jew here.
At any rate, I might at least take the time to check them out.

My train of thought is just gone.

My boss at the art gallery is leaving =(. It's awesome for her, but it'll suck without her. We got along so well, like friends even. But if all goes well I might be able to follow her...

Basically, I'm sick of responsibility. I am so tired of having things to do and having to do things and being in charge of my own life. I want to be a student again. Students have no responsibility. I'm saying this because I've been on both sides now. School feels like a joke. I wish my most pressing concern was a grade. Even when I worked as a student, it was different. School has helped though, in so far as organizing my schedule to remember tasks. I have two calendars. One is a little one I keep with me in my bag so I know my schedule everywhere, the other is a big wall one, so when I'm sitting at my computer everything I have to do jumps out at me and I can see it all at a glance. And then I have a little white board for my "git-r-done" list.
Lost my train of thought again. Who made it a train anyway?
So, finished Chemistry 30S with 91%, I'm most pleased. Now I just need to get my ass onto 40S. Blah! Correspondance is the devil. The procrastination devil.

My tongue is all bumpy and that's really annoying.

That is all, you may go.

A conversation:
Jason: Nevermind.
Cayla: No you nevermind!
Jason: No you!
Cayla: Your face!
Jason: Butt face!
Cayla Pooface!
Jason: Poobuttface!!!
Cayla: Facebook!
Jason: That's just cruel. You crossed the line.

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Take back the night [29 Apr 2007|07:18pm]
So... now I'm in Ottawa.
My birthday in Montreal was a bust. No where was open on a Wednesday. I thought I found a place, and it sounded so awesome, so I got all dressed up and caught the metro to get there. We had to walk up and down the block like 4 times before we finally found it, and I was wearing dressy heels so feet were getting mad already. Yeah, so we find it, and there's a notice on the door: the place went bankrupt! Like, fuck. So we wandered to try to find somewhere and then my feet threw a huge fit so we just went back to the hostel and watched a movie. We didn't even have a conversation with one person from that hostel, just no one was sociable. So basically, Montreal was not all I was hoping for. But, it was still cool. I'm a pro at navigating it.
Friday we headed over to Quebec. Turns out I can't read the train schedule. We got up at 7am and headed over to get an 830am train, just to find out it only runs on the weekend. The next train wasn't until 1230. SO we had 4 hours to kill. THEN our train ends up getting delayed for 2 hours en route! Eff I was hoping to get to Quebec at like noon, we ended up getting there closer to 7pm. It was raining when we got there too, and the entire trip to the hostel was on a very steep incline. So basically I'm like fuck the french at this point. However our room mates turn out to be very cool australians and we hit it off. The hostel was also having a pub crawl that night so we all went and met all these other cool people, from Ireland, England, Germany, Switzerland and who knows where else. We all rejoiced on how not french we are (they were sick of the french too). So this huge group goes to the first bar, which has Sour Puss shooters on special for 2.75. Holy fuck so good. So so good. Then the hostel group leader people I guess just... ditched? So there's this group of not-french people still there and we're like well... fuck them then! And we make our own pub crawl. Basically it was a super fun night, in Quebec City of all places. That's pretty much exactly how travelling should go. Meeting new people and making new plans up on the spot. We all had to get up early the next day though because we were all checking out to go to Montreal, coincidentally. They were going in a car though so they got there before us (coincidentally staying in the same hostel there too), we didn't get to Montreal until like... 9pm. The rest of Quebec was cool I guess. I dunno the weather was shitty we just got croissants and saw the Chateau Frontenac, good enough. So in Montreal we stalk up on supplies at Shoppers Drug Mart (sorry, Pharmaprix) and then meet up with our travel buddies and share some more laughs over some more drinks and we ended up watching South Park together. They went out for another night on the town but Mike and I were still super tired and expected to have to get up very early to get to Ottawa (this Montreal stop was just for the night as we passed through). They'll be here in Ottawa in a couple days! So crazy how all these random strangers are going to the same places.
So before going to bed I check the train schedule again and realize the trains we needed weren't running on a Sunday. So I'm like, fuck, because we have reservations to go bungee jumping at 11am. So I called them this morning and changed our time. So we get on the first train we can and guess what? It's delayed for one hour. We now have two 50% off coupons each for anyone wanting to buy a train ticket. Gross. So I have to call the bungee place again, this time I just tell them to give us the latest time and we'll see what happens. We get in around 2pm, the hostel seems alright, free internet again. But we realize, how the fuck are we going to get to the bungee place? It's like a half hour drive out of the city. We end up getting a cab to take us there for $60 bucks, which split between us isn't too bad. The bungee guys agreed to drive us back.
As for bungee jumping... oh fuck yeah. Oh sweet sweet fuck yeah. Free falling is the greatest feeling in the world. Don't worry folks, it's all on video. Gorgeous weather in this gorgeous quarry and a 200ft drop, biggest in Canada. So amazing.
Mike's mom is so Jewish. She very adamently didn't want him to go, and he called her after to tell him he didn't die. I could hear her, "Why would you do that to your poor mother? What kind of sane person does that? You had me worried all day! I'm going to have to call half of Winnipeg now, you had everyone worried! It's going to end up in free press!" etcetc.
So...... no plans left really. We'll be here a few days, then head back to Toronto to see Phantom of the Opera and then head home!
What an adventure.
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Day 4 [23 Apr 2007|09:04pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

So... I'm in Montreal.
Toronto was really cool.
We stayed in the Canadiana hostel, which was awesome. My sister just so happened to be there as well, visiting a friend. So she helped ease me in to this whole backpacking thing, which is good because damn I didn't know what I was doing. I'm pretty much a pro now though.
Some things you have to learn the hard way: bus rides are awful. Not looking forward to coming home at alll because that is way too much bus.
I figured out downtown Toronto super fast. We did some typical things like the CN tower and hockey hall of fame, but also just wandering around seeing what's there. On our way back we'll be checking out Chinatown, and we have awesome seats for Phantom of the Opera! However we do have to extend our trip by a day for that. Coincidentally though our bus tickets had the wrong date and are actually for the day which we are now leaving on, so now we don't have to exchange them!
So after a much shorter and much more enjoyable train ride (compared to the bus), we're now in Montreal. This hostel is very neat. It feels like... a treehouse... or camp... whatever there will be lots of pictures. We walked there from the train station, and Mike tried to figure out all the signs on the way. He did pretty good considering he only has as much french knowledge as the school system demands. It was cute anyway. No sight seeing yet, however we are like right beside a second cup, which is awesome because I love tea. But damn these frenchies! They asked for my order in french, I gave it in french, then they replied in english! Well anyway also cool about this hostel is free internet and free long distance calling.

Alright well... that's all I feel like saying.

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Because we are your friends [13 Apr 2007|02:35am]
Dear world,
Die in a fire.

Work: better? not better? bueller? it's all the same.
School: I have my U of M ID yay. Very excited to be a student again, although apparantly I've been one at St. Boniface this whole year. Who knew?
Family: He said he'd call. He did not call. Shocking.
Boyfriend: face! Still jewy.
Friends: Happy birthday Piasta. Yay for Jason tomorrow (today?)! Tyndall's hot. Like a fox.

Exciting news!
I'm going on a trip!
Me and my jew will be boarding a bus at 10:15pm Thursday April 19th heading for Toronto. At 11:30am on the 23rd, we will be getting on a train destined for Montreal. From there we will also visit Quebec City and Ottawa, via train.
We return May 4th, early.
Some cool things that could happen: Seeing Phantom of the Opera in Toronto, going bungee jumping and white water rafting in Ottawa, partying partying partying in Montreal, and er... there's a chocolate museum in Quebec.
My birthday's on the 25th, I'll be in Montreal, super excited!

BUT for all you cookies who said "BUT WAIT! If you're gone for your birthday then however shall we celebrate with you?! Oh noes.." Never fear! I'll be celebrating here when I get back.. here. And since that will be close to Marie-Anne's birthday, we're going to combine them! We have officially decided on Friday, May 11th. So mark that down ladies and gentlemen. Our plans so far are going to a neat restaurant (such as rumours or celebrations - ideas?), and then a club.

Also, dearest Kaitlin, I shall be watching you on the 7th! And for anyone else wishing to see her MTC debut but perhaps short on cash, I get 15% off casual tickets, give me a shout.

I caved and bought more movies. I did so good for like 3 months. Lookit all my movies now!

Fingers crossed for a lot of things...
Here's hoping.
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Girl you've got something I like [23 Mar 2007|06:46pm]
From the 'special relationship' filesCollapse )

There are a couple things you may not know about me.
1. I really want to get in a fist fight. And win. Not so much lose.
2. I really want to get shot. Just to have the experience.
3. I have business cards now. Oh yes. Cayla Baker, sales associate.

I'm an awesome sales associate. Not because of the sales part, I actually kind of suck at that part, but because I like to help people. Here is my current future shop story, following this warning for those with better things to do than read my stories. However since you have read this far, that category obviously doesn't belong to you, you loser with no life. So keep reading.
A customer came in looking for an mp3 player with video capabilities. Being a smart cookie, she knew she wanted to avoid iPods and was thinking about a Creative. I was obviously the best person for this job. So she picked up our last 30GB zen vision: m in black, along with a/v cables and a charger kit. She comes back in a few days later, saying the player was acting up and none of the cables seemed to work. I spend oh at least an hour with her, troubleshooting everything. I determine the problem lies with the player, so she exchanges it for a different one. However she has to get a white one as we have no more black. White however is on clearance and is much cheaper. I play salesperson for a bit and make her a deal. I dropped the price from $229.99 (the black was $299.99) to $199.99, and she gets the 2 year replacement plan so she doesn't have to worry about it giving her any shit later on. She got this for $49.99, when otherwise it would have been $69.99. So I created this beautifully mutual beneficial scenario. She got a player and protection for less than she originally paid, I sold a clearance item and got PSP. So she's going to go home and test out this player with the cables and see if it works now. I give her my number and tell her I'll look into the issue for her and if it doesn't work, call me and I'll see what else I can do.
So after work I went searching around and found a complete solution for her. The problem is that the player uses and different cable than standard a/v cables. The internet tells me a couple ways she might be able to get those cables to work, and also shows me that Best Buy right next door has in stock the actual cables she'll need for everything (Future Shop does not even carry them. FUCK). However, it has been two days and I have not heard from her. Did she get them to work? Did she find her own solution? Does she hate me forever?
Why can't she just call me and tell me whatever happened so I can know and not still be waiting for a call goddamnit.
Also, why the hell can't Future Shop carry more non-ipod accessories, eff. Every other brand makes them more money, and Creative has a shit ton of accessories out there. Half the reason people like iPod more is because of everything you can do with it. Creative is the only real force against Apple in this market, give it a chance damn you.
That rant is done now. I'm such a geek sometimes it hurts.
Or is that my frequent headaches.

I got a package from World Vision, it was a booklet about communicating with my sponsor child. I'm pretty excited to write him a letter, but what the hell do I write?

I'm ready to back to school. I'm ready for the stability, the lack of responsibility, the mental challenge.

I've got Jhun looking into getting a car for me. Here's hoping?
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Amore e musica [19 Mar 2007|03:39am]
[ mood | cranky ]

I just... don't feel like going to bed.
I know I'm tired, and yet...
I'm not even doing anything... seriously I'm just playing Spider Solitaire.

Went to Dylan O'Conner's for St. Patrick's Day. I had to work at Future Shop that day. Everyone I talked to didn't even realize the day. So I pinched a lot of people. Except Kevin, he showed me his green boxers. Ah, Kevin. I kept getting distracted talking to him that I took me forever to print up tags. And I ended up telling him the same story three times. He was a champ about it. "I'm sure the next time you tell me, it will be even more exciting!"
I didn't have any green beer. I was going to, just one sip because beer is disgusting and I wouldn't be able to actually drink it but it's green so I felt obligated. But that bar was insane. They were so busy, the bartenders were just running around all night, I could sympathise after my bartending experience on New Years. The line ups were so long. Not in physical length as everyone spread out around the whole bar, but time-wise as it's hard to get a bartender's attention. At least, it was for everyone ahead of me. Once I was able to push my way to the front, I got their attention no problem and got everyone around me, who had been waiting way longer, taken care of. I had my own special bartender whose attention I could get as soon as I wanted it. I was literally helping people get their drink orders in. He ended up giving me his number too, but I lost it. Oh well.
I had to work the next morning, I really wasn't as tired as I thought I'd be. But I'm definitely looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow mmmmmmmm.... (so why don't I just go to bed already?)

I want to do something next weekend, be available damn yous!
Also I want a kitty.
Also I'm a terrible person.
Also I have a lot of cuts and scrapes on my hands.
Also you're tacky and I hate you.

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Ode to birthdays [14 Mar 2007|01:45am]
Aw, boyfriendface.

Seeing you get hurt is so funny I watch it on repeat.
My only wish is that I could be the one smacking you.
Crazy jew.
Who's 22.
Your face is blue.
You stepped in poo.
And ditched your shoe.
I laughed at you.
And your goo.
From the puppy I slew.
To make some stew.
But he grew.
And he flew.
Which really blew.
To I took a screw
Said "that's enough out of you"
And beat him with my shoe.
Just for you
My little jew.
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He can be the traitor! [12 Mar 2007|05:33pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

I'm always torn between loving and hating my jobs. The schedules suck. Going to get another one for the summer, on Corydon.

Got some work done this past week. Semi-productive. I'm feeling good about it. I could do better though... I need motivation...

I sponsered a kid. His name is Shabani (Mike and I came up with a long list of nicknames that ended with "Shabibbity bobbity boo"), born Nov 28/99, from Rwanda. He likes math. Yay!

Joshgosh, you need to do two things now that you're 21: a) get money. b) go to Vegas. I'll go with you, it'll be fun.
I called you an old man, what does that make Mike now that he's 22?
All this calling people old is making me feel old.
I'll be 19 next month. What a strange number. Not as strange as 22. Sucker.

Photos from Mike's birthday? Heck yes.
I love Diana for coming <3. I'd apologize for him grabbing your boobs, but I warned you he's just like me so you had to expect it.
Let's do it again sometime.

I've got a dentist appointment for Thursday because sommmmmmmebody smashed me in the face with a beer bottle and chipped my teeth.
It happened to me, I don't know why I still find it funny. It's the kind of thing that should only be hilarious if it happened to someone else.
Actually here's how it goes: if I think about it, I get mad. But if I tell the story to someone, I find it funny.
And here's why: It makes Mike look like a terrible person. I mean, he is a terrible person, but that's just proof. And in that situation, when he looks bad, I look good.

And after a weekend of being annoyed with my jew, everything was made better by the most awesome movie I've seen since... fuck I dunno, Superman Returns probably.
Oh yes, I'm talking about 300 baby.
No movie has ever made me want to kick ass and have sex as much as that movie..... at the same time. So manly. All I could think was "I need to ravage a man.. NOW"
And after hanging out with Tyndall, Eric and Jan, they are officially never allowed meet Mike. We're bad enough individually but in a group dear God we're monsters.
EXAMPLE: meeting up at the movie theatre, I spotted Eric and gave him the "Hitler" (aka Roman) salute. He gave me a look of incredulity, which quickly turned to horror after my response of "No, it's okay, I'm dating a Jew. It's allowed."
That was just the beginning of the night, before we saw amazing battle scenes. I'm now affectionately calling him "my jew" and Eric has a theory it's the only reason I'm going out with him. Sometimes I think he may be right. I'm just such a fan of circumcision.

I'm still psyched about that movie.

Pool afterwards was awesome, I seem to be really good at it. Which is crazy, I've played a total of 4 times. Let's play pool more kay?

I really want to go to Dylan O'Conner's for St. Patrick's Day. As me and Diana discussed, it's Saturday night, I'm 18 and Irish. There are laws about these kinds of things, laws that say I must celebrate. Tickets are $30 according to their myspace. Probably have to pick them up there. Which isn't very convenient for me. My general manager Liz is going to be there. Now there's a boss I'd like to party with. After our long conversation at work a couple weeks ago about how much we prefer circumcision... well it breaks down a wall.

It's spring in like a week. Yay I love spring.

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Playing solitaire 'til dawn [23 Feb 2007|12:56am]
[ mood | giddy ]

For PaulCollapse )

I think Tyndall could appreciate thisCollapse )

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[22 Feb 2007|03:14am]
A is for why don't I go to sleep anymoreCollapse )
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insubstantial [16 Feb 2007|12:02am]
[ mood | creative ]

I'm all valentine-y. Yay
Hand-made cards are the best.
Working isn't the best.
Selling a hell of a lot at work is the best.
Rushing out so fast to get back to boyfriend face that I lost my mitts after my mom specifically told me not to isn't the best.
John Williams is the best.
Coarse bed sheets aren't the best.
Pizzas are the best.
Early mornings aren't the best.
Cuddling with boyfriendface is the best.
Leaving isn't the best.
Lying to my sister about the remnants of my chocolate so I can eat it all myself is the best.
Family asking more questions than they cared to know the answers too isn't the best.
Valentine's Day was the best.

Doing Future Shop training is a lot more fun with Chloe. Too bad she's at the GC location, we'd have so much fun working together. I'm hooking her up with Photoshop again and she's saving me mad bus rides to the south end. And being a horrible influence. I spoke overly loudly of amusing Guitar Hero excapades, started saying things like "boyfriendface," and was overly tempted to smoke. What on earth will tomorrow bring? Maybe it's for the best we won't be working together.
Randomly, I feel bad about Ryan. We started at the same time and did the training together last time, and had lunch together last time, and when he found out I'd be doing it again too, he asked to have lunch with me again. But then I think when he saw Chloe and me all together like we were, it kind of... intimidated him? into just going off during the lunch break to wherever. I was going to invite him with us, but he went off before I could. And I've been feeling really bad about it for some reason.
He's pretty hot too.

Why am I so incapable of going to bed at a reasonable hour? I haven't had enough sleep all week and today I actually fell asleep in my chair. I was just sitting there, resting my head on my arm and suddenly I'm nodding off. I should have been in bed like an hour ago.

..it's still like a month away and I'm already planning it out..

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[09 Feb 2007|11:38pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

It's funny for me and I'm the only person that matters.

MM: The day I find out I have cancer, I'm gonna go get aids. It'll be a race to the finish.
CB: You'd be my hero. My non-sexed up hero.
MM: I could sleep with girls you don't like. Take 'em down one by one.
CB: Reel 'em in with the cancer story

MM: And I'm worth 20 mil
CB: To who?
MM: The world
CB: So if you get aids I get 20 mil?
MM: No. Only if I get dead.
CB: Same thing. Haven't you seen RENT?
MM: Nope
CB: Why not?
MM: Because I don't have aids yet
CB: Then what does that say about me?
MM: ... That now I'm ready to see RENT

My body hurts everywhere. I coughed and I got a shooting pain in my uterus.

There are lots of little things I could say, but it would all come down to me wanting to express one thing: I am most pleased. I have been, without a doubt, unmiffed.

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Playplayplay! [05 Feb 2007|09:43pm]
This is an attempt at not last minute planning.

John Mighton's Half Life at MTC.
Monday, February 19th.
8PM, 7PM "monday mix" talk.

I don't know how much tickets are exactly. Students under 18 is apparantly $13? And I think $23 regularily, at least in the B section where my ticket is. I get a 15% discount. So I dunno let's say about $25 for a ticket.
I'm going to go ahead and buy another ticket tomorrow, so just let me know if you want to claim it.
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