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It's funny for me and I'm the only person that matters.

MM: The day I find out I have cancer, I'm gonna go get aids. It'll be a race to the finish.
CB: You'd be my hero. My non-sexed up hero.
MM: I could sleep with girls you don't like. Take 'em down one by one.
CB: Reel 'em in with the cancer story

MM: And I'm worth 20 mil
CB: To who?
MM: The world
CB: So if you get aids I get 20 mil?
MM: No. Only if I get dead.
CB: Same thing. Haven't you seen RENT?
MM: Nope
CB: Why not?
MM: Because I don't have aids yet
CB: Then what does that say about me?
MM: ... That now I'm ready to see RENT

My body hurts everywhere. I coughed and I got a shooting pain in my uterus.

There are lots of little things I could say, but it would all come down to me wanting to express one thing: I am most pleased. I have been, without a doubt, unmiffed.
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