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I'm all valentine-y. Yay
Hand-made cards are the best.
Working isn't the best.
Selling a hell of a lot at work is the best.
Rushing out so fast to get back to boyfriend face that I lost my mitts after my mom specifically told me not to isn't the best.
John Williams is the best.
Coarse bed sheets aren't the best.
Pizzas are the best.
Early mornings aren't the best.
Cuddling with boyfriendface is the best.
Leaving isn't the best.
Lying to my sister about the remnants of my chocolate so I can eat it all myself is the best.
Family asking more questions than they cared to know the answers too isn't the best.
Valentine's Day was the best.

Doing Future Shop training is a lot more fun with Chloe. Too bad she's at the GC location, we'd have so much fun working together. I'm hooking her up with Photoshop again and she's saving me mad bus rides to the south end. And being a horrible influence. I spoke overly loudly of amusing Guitar Hero excapades, started saying things like "boyfriendface," and was overly tempted to smoke. What on earth will tomorrow bring? Maybe it's for the best we won't be working together.
Randomly, I feel bad about Ryan. We started at the same time and did the training together last time, and had lunch together last time, and when he found out I'd be doing it again too, he asked to have lunch with me again. But then I think when he saw Chloe and me all together like we were, it kind of... intimidated him? into just going off during the lunch break to wherever. I was going to invite him with us, but he went off before I could. And I've been feeling really bad about it for some reason.
He's pretty hot too.

Why am I so incapable of going to bed at a reasonable hour? I haven't had enough sleep all week and today I actually fell asleep in my chair. I was just sitting there, resting my head on my arm and suddenly I'm nodding off. I should have been in bed like an hour ago.

..it's still like a month away and I'm already planning it out..
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