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He can be the traitor!

I'm always torn between loving and hating my jobs. The schedules suck. Going to get another one for the summer, on Corydon.

Got some work done this past week. Semi-productive. I'm feeling good about it. I could do better though... I need motivation...

I sponsered a kid. His name is Shabani (Mike and I came up with a long list of nicknames that ended with "Shabibbity bobbity boo"), born Nov 28/99, from Rwanda. He likes math. Yay!

Joshgosh, you need to do two things now that you're 21: a) get money. b) go to Vegas. I'll go with you, it'll be fun.
I called you an old man, what does that make Mike now that he's 22?
All this calling people old is making me feel old.
I'll be 19 next month. What a strange number. Not as strange as 22. Sucker.

Photos from Mike's birthday? Heck yes.
I love Diana for coming <3. I'd apologize for him grabbing your boobs, but I warned you he's just like me so you had to expect it.
Let's do it again sometime.

I've got a dentist appointment for Thursday because sommmmmmmebody smashed me in the face with a beer bottle and chipped my teeth.
It happened to me, I don't know why I still find it funny. It's the kind of thing that should only be hilarious if it happened to someone else.
Actually here's how it goes: if I think about it, I get mad. But if I tell the story to someone, I find it funny.
And here's why: It makes Mike look like a terrible person. I mean, he is a terrible person, but that's just proof. And in that situation, when he looks bad, I look good.

And after a weekend of being annoyed with my jew, everything was made better by the most awesome movie I've seen since... fuck I dunno, Superman Returns probably.
Oh yes, I'm talking about 300 baby.
No movie has ever made me want to kick ass and have sex as much as that movie..... at the same time. So manly. All I could think was "I need to ravage a man.. NOW"
And after hanging out with Tyndall, Eric and Jan, they are officially never allowed meet Mike. We're bad enough individually but in a group dear God we're monsters.
EXAMPLE: meeting up at the movie theatre, I spotted Eric and gave him the "Hitler" (aka Roman) salute. He gave me a look of incredulity, which quickly turned to horror after my response of "No, it's okay, I'm dating a Jew. It's allowed."
That was just the beginning of the night, before we saw amazing battle scenes. I'm now affectionately calling him "my jew" and Eric has a theory it's the only reason I'm going out with him. Sometimes I think he may be right. I'm just such a fan of circumcision.

I'm still psyched about that movie.

Pool afterwards was awesome, I seem to be really good at it. Which is crazy, I've played a total of 4 times. Let's play pool more kay?

I really want to go to Dylan O'Conner's for St. Patrick's Day. As me and Diana discussed, it's Saturday night, I'm 18 and Irish. There are laws about these kinds of things, laws that say I must celebrate. Tickets are $30 according to their myspace. Probably have to pick them up there. Which isn't very convenient for me. My general manager Liz is going to be there. Now there's a boss I'd like to party with. After our long conversation at work a couple weeks ago about how much we prefer circumcision... well it breaks down a wall.

It's spring in like a week. Yay I love spring.
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