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Amore e musica

I just... don't feel like going to bed.
I know I'm tired, and yet...
I'm not even doing anything... seriously I'm just playing Spider Solitaire.

Went to Dylan O'Conner's for St. Patrick's Day. I had to work at Future Shop that day. Everyone I talked to didn't even realize the day. So I pinched a lot of people. Except Kevin, he showed me his green boxers. Ah, Kevin. I kept getting distracted talking to him that I took me forever to print up tags. And I ended up telling him the same story three times. He was a champ about it. "I'm sure the next time you tell me, it will be even more exciting!"
I didn't have any green beer. I was going to, just one sip because beer is disgusting and I wouldn't be able to actually drink it but it's green so I felt obligated. But that bar was insane. They were so busy, the bartenders were just running around all night, I could sympathise after my bartending experience on New Years. The line ups were so long. Not in physical length as everyone spread out around the whole bar, but time-wise as it's hard to get a bartender's attention. At least, it was for everyone ahead of me. Once I was able to push my way to the front, I got their attention no problem and got everyone around me, who had been waiting way longer, taken care of. I had my own special bartender whose attention I could get as soon as I wanted it. I was literally helping people get their drink orders in. He ended up giving me his number too, but I lost it. Oh well.
I had to work the next morning, I really wasn't as tired as I thought I'd be. But I'm definitely looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow mmmmmmmm.... (so why don't I just go to bed already?)

I want to do something next weekend, be available damn yous!
Also I want a kitty.
Also I'm a terrible person.
Also I have a lot of cuts and scrapes on my hands.
Also you're tacky and I hate you.
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