dreams the way we planned them (xo_superman_ox) wrote,
dreams the way we planned them

Because we are your friends

Dear world,
Die in a fire.

Work: better? not better? bueller? it's all the same.
School: I have my U of M ID yay. Very excited to be a student again, although apparantly I've been one at St. Boniface this whole year. Who knew?
Family: He said he'd call. He did not call. Shocking.
Boyfriend: face! Still jewy.
Friends: Happy birthday Piasta. Yay for Jason tomorrow (today?)! Tyndall's hot. Like a fox.

Exciting news!
I'm going on a trip!
Me and my jew will be boarding a bus at 10:15pm Thursday April 19th heading for Toronto. At 11:30am on the 23rd, we will be getting on a train destined for Montreal. From there we will also visit Quebec City and Ottawa, via train.
We return May 4th, early.
Some cool things that could happen: Seeing Phantom of the Opera in Toronto, going bungee jumping and white water rafting in Ottawa, partying partying partying in Montreal, and er... there's a chocolate museum in Quebec.
My birthday's on the 25th, I'll be in Montreal, super excited!

BUT for all you cookies who said "BUT WAIT! If you're gone for your birthday then however shall we celebrate with you?! Oh noes.." Never fear! I'll be celebrating here when I get back.. here. And since that will be close to Marie-Anne's birthday, we're going to combine them! We have officially decided on Friday, May 11th. So mark that down ladies and gentlemen. Our plans so far are going to a neat restaurant (such as rumours or celebrations - ideas?), and then a club.

Also, dearest Kaitlin, I shall be watching you on the 7th! And for anyone else wishing to see her MTC debut but perhaps short on cash, I get 15% off casual tickets, give me a shout.

I caved and bought more movies. I did so good for like 3 months. Lookit all my movies now!

Fingers crossed for a lot of things...
Here's hoping.
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