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Day 4

So... I'm in Montreal.
Toronto was really cool.
We stayed in the Canadiana hostel, which was awesome. My sister just so happened to be there as well, visiting a friend. So she helped ease me in to this whole backpacking thing, which is good because damn I didn't know what I was doing. I'm pretty much a pro now though.
Some things you have to learn the hard way: bus rides are awful. Not looking forward to coming home at alll because that is way too much bus.
I figured out downtown Toronto super fast. We did some typical things like the CN tower and hockey hall of fame, but also just wandering around seeing what's there. On our way back we'll be checking out Chinatown, and we have awesome seats for Phantom of the Opera! However we do have to extend our trip by a day for that. Coincidentally though our bus tickets had the wrong date and are actually for the day which we are now leaving on, so now we don't have to exchange them!
So after a much shorter and much more enjoyable train ride (compared to the bus), we're now in Montreal. This hostel is very neat. It feels like... a treehouse... or camp... whatever there will be lots of pictures. We walked there from the train station, and Mike tried to figure out all the signs on the way. He did pretty good considering he only has as much french knowledge as the school system demands. It was cute anyway. No sight seeing yet, however we are like right beside a second cup, which is awesome because I love tea. But damn these frenchies! They asked for my order in french, I gave it in french, then they replied in english! Well anyway also cool about this hostel is free internet and free long distance calling.

Alright well... that's all I feel like saying.
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