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Take back the night

So... now I'm in Ottawa.
My birthday in Montreal was a bust. No where was open on a Wednesday. I thought I found a place, and it sounded so awesome, so I got all dressed up and caught the metro to get there. We had to walk up and down the block like 4 times before we finally found it, and I was wearing dressy heels so feet were getting mad already. Yeah, so we find it, and there's a notice on the door: the place went bankrupt! Like, fuck. So we wandered to try to find somewhere and then my feet threw a huge fit so we just went back to the hostel and watched a movie. We didn't even have a conversation with one person from that hostel, just no one was sociable. So basically, Montreal was not all I was hoping for. But, it was still cool. I'm a pro at navigating it.
Friday we headed over to Quebec. Turns out I can't read the train schedule. We got up at 7am and headed over to get an 830am train, just to find out it only runs on the weekend. The next train wasn't until 1230. SO we had 4 hours to kill. THEN our train ends up getting delayed for 2 hours en route! Eff I was hoping to get to Quebec at like noon, we ended up getting there closer to 7pm. It was raining when we got there too, and the entire trip to the hostel was on a very steep incline. So basically I'm like fuck the french at this point. However our room mates turn out to be very cool australians and we hit it off. The hostel was also having a pub crawl that night so we all went and met all these other cool people, from Ireland, England, Germany, Switzerland and who knows where else. We all rejoiced on how not french we are (they were sick of the french too). So this huge group goes to the first bar, which has Sour Puss shooters on special for 2.75. Holy fuck so good. So so good. Then the hostel group leader people I guess just... ditched? So there's this group of not-french people still there and we're like well... fuck them then! And we make our own pub crawl. Basically it was a super fun night, in Quebec City of all places. That's pretty much exactly how travelling should go. Meeting new people and making new plans up on the spot. We all had to get up early the next day though because we were all checking out to go to Montreal, coincidentally. They were going in a car though so they got there before us (coincidentally staying in the same hostel there too), we didn't get to Montreal until like... 9pm. The rest of Quebec was cool I guess. I dunno the weather was shitty we just got croissants and saw the Chateau Frontenac, good enough. So in Montreal we stalk up on supplies at Shoppers Drug Mart (sorry, Pharmaprix) and then meet up with our travel buddies and share some more laughs over some more drinks and we ended up watching South Park together. They went out for another night on the town but Mike and I were still super tired and expected to have to get up very early to get to Ottawa (this Montreal stop was just for the night as we passed through). They'll be here in Ottawa in a couple days! So crazy how all these random strangers are going to the same places.
So before going to bed I check the train schedule again and realize the trains we needed weren't running on a Sunday. So I'm like, fuck, because we have reservations to go bungee jumping at 11am. So I called them this morning and changed our time. So we get on the first train we can and guess what? It's delayed for one hour. We now have two 50% off coupons each for anyone wanting to buy a train ticket. Gross. So I have to call the bungee place again, this time I just tell them to give us the latest time and we'll see what happens. We get in around 2pm, the hostel seems alright, free internet again. But we realize, how the fuck are we going to get to the bungee place? It's like a half hour drive out of the city. We end up getting a cab to take us there for $60 bucks, which split between us isn't too bad. The bungee guys agreed to drive us back.
As for bungee jumping... oh fuck yeah. Oh sweet sweet fuck yeah. Free falling is the greatest feeling in the world. Don't worry folks, it's all on video. Gorgeous weather in this gorgeous quarry and a 200ft drop, biggest in Canada. So amazing.
Mike's mom is so Jewish. She very adamently didn't want him to go, and he called her after to tell him he didn't die. I could hear her, "Why would you do that to your poor mother? What kind of sane person does that? You had me worried all day! I'm going to have to call half of Winnipeg now, you had everyone worried! It's going to end up in free press!" etcetc.
So...... no plans left really. We'll be here a few days, then head back to Toronto to see Phantom of the Opera and then head home!
What an adventure.
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