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There's so much I wanna do

Dear World,

Photos and videos from my trip (including the video of me bungee jumping!), can currently be found on my facebook profile.
I am currently too lazy/unmotivated to do anything else with them.
Thank you!

To finish up my trip... the foreign friends we made in Quebec, and then subsequently ran into again in Montreal, were rediscovered in Ottawa! So lots of fun was had there again.
There's something about me and Swiss guys...
I was looking through someone elses photo and came across this guy I thought was really cute, and it turns out he's Swiss. That's 3 in a row!
Anyway that story makes no sense to you sorry.
In Ottawa, we were stuck on a french tour of the parliament building, which is all the same to me but not so much to Mike. Security wouldn't let me bring my camera tripod in the building, wtf?
The museum of photography was closed for renovation, the supreme court required booking tours in advance and didn't answer their phones.
The museum of civilisation was neat, they had a big postal exhibit and I like stamps so I liked that. Skipped the native history stuff.
The canadian war museum was definitely the best museum I've ever been to. It's all Canadian warfare starting with the South African war, and it's very thorough. It covers all perspectives, causes, effects, political, economical, etc. If you ever go to a museum, go to that one.
We decided to skip the train and do a road trip with our german/australian friends in their crazy van to Toronto. Got into a car accident literally like less than 50m from our hostel. We were turning onto the street its on. But no biggie, paint scratches on the other guy and he didn't care, a dent in the driver side of Sebastian's van but it's all good.
In Toronto, we saw Phantom of the Opera!!!!!!!!! Oh gosh oh gosh I can't even describe. It was beautiful, just amazing. I cried. I think it's fighting its way past West Side Story as my favourite musical.... though to be fair I've never seen West Side Story on stage. Phantom of the Opera is more powerful I think... most of my WSS love comes from Romeo and Juliet being one of my favourite stories. Alright shut up, I've got a romance weakness.
uhhhhhhhh where was I?
So um then we went home and the bus ride back wasn't as bad as the ride there. Mike chatted up some girl, then she kept looking back at him the whole trip. We giggled about it. There was a crazy gross couple in front of us. Disgusting and crazy to look at, disgusting and crazy behaviour. We were hoping so bad they'd get off the bus, and at one stop when more people came on before them Mike was trying to convince everyone to take their seats. But alas, they were there for the whole trip.

So now I'm home. I'm sick. I have either bug bites or a rash. Back to work. I love sleep so much. My bed is so nice. I can't waaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiittttttt to go on another trip. And I want to bungee jump again. Just thinking about the monotonous of everyday life, is making me sick. I'm going to need to go somewhere again pretty soon. Like maybe before school starts up? Anyone? Road trip?
Also I'll definitely have to go places during all the school breaks.

This trip made me realize I don't hate Winnipeg. I don't think it's awful or boring or any of those things we tend to describe ourselves as. This city's actually quite cool if you just bother to open your eyes. I love to travel, not to get away from Winnipeg like my sister is so keen on doing, but to get away from everyday ritualistic life. And that kind of life happens everywhere.

I've thought it would probably be neat to get a job at a hostel here in the city. I'm all inspired and creative, I bet I could make it super fun for everyone. For instance, I would come up with an in depth guide to the bar scene (I recognize I am currently very unfamiliar with the bar scene). Where are all the nearest bars are, the funnest bars, where's good for what night, etc. Hostels have a lot of advertising potential, my mind is spinning just thinking off all the opportunities and I'm not even the business jew here.
At any rate, I might at least take the time to check them out.

My train of thought is just gone.

My boss at the art gallery is leaving =(. It's awesome for her, but it'll suck without her. We got along so well, like friends even. But if all goes well I might be able to follow her...

Basically, I'm sick of responsibility. I am so tired of having things to do and having to do things and being in charge of my own life. I want to be a student again. Students have no responsibility. I'm saying this because I've been on both sides now. School feels like a joke. I wish my most pressing concern was a grade. Even when I worked as a student, it was different. School has helped though, in so far as organizing my schedule to remember tasks. I have two calendars. One is a little one I keep with me in my bag so I know my schedule everywhere, the other is a big wall one, so when I'm sitting at my computer everything I have to do jumps out at me and I can see it all at a glance. And then I have a little white board for my "git-r-done" list.
Lost my train of thought again. Who made it a train anyway?
So, finished Chemistry 30S with 91%, I'm most pleased. Now I just need to get my ass onto 40S. Blah! Correspondance is the devil. The procrastination devil.

My tongue is all bumpy and that's really annoying.

That is all, you may go.

A conversation:
Jason: Nevermind.
Cayla: No you nevermind!
Jason: No you!
Cayla: Your face!
Jason: Butt face!
Cayla Pooface!
Jason: Poobuttface!!!
Cayla: Facebook!
Jason: That's just cruel. You crossed the line.
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