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I'd decided to do it with local anesthetic only, and the doctor was shocked by it. It's apparently very rare for someone getting so much done to do so without general anesthetic. I don't like anesthetic though. It lasts so much longer than the procedure it masks. I remember when I got my tonsils out, I was just completely out of it for the rest of the day. I was weak, confused, incoherent, and pretty much slept the entire time. I had to have my mom help me dress when we left the hospital, and they got a wheelchair for me because they thought I was going to faint. Now, for wisdom teeth, I've heard great things about the general anesthetic they use, it seems to make you feel super high.
Eh, whatever, I made my choice.
After 15 seconds into the operation I realized I was crazy for making that choice.
Being able to see and hear everything that was going... was so bizarre. I can still hear the sound of my gums being cut open, and the drill so close to my face.
Okay, I'm sorry to anyone squeamish, I won't continue describing that.
Also, there wasn't quite enough local anesthetic and I actually felt some of what was going on. I can pretty close to screaming at one point, but I'm tough. I've always said I'd rather less freezing and a little pain than more numbness.
So, it all went smoothly, and the dentist and nurse kept going on about how amazing I was, and sent me off with a prescription for T3s. Mike was taking care of me for all this, and he was super sweet. Well, for him. Which is like, normal for everyone else haha. I think he only made fun of me twice... at that point.
I felt totally fine leaving the office. Not woozy, or weak, or confused, or inept. Hell I was grinning. As much as one can grin with a frozen gauze-filled mouth.
Stopped at Shoppers to get prescriptions filled and buy scratch tickets, I got some weird looks because I couldn't talk so I'd just point. Got home, changed gauze, took pills, crawled into bed, and then Mike ditched.
Pain wasn't really that bad. More annoying than anything. Tried drinking tea that night, threw it up. Threw up 3 more times by noon the next day. But then I was all good! I started eating drinking soup, and juice. The next day, I could manage yogurt and even talk.
Speaking of talking, my mom does not understand the concept of the yes or no question. When someone can't talk, you only ask them questions that they can answer with the movement of their head, correct? Well my mom comes into my room and the first thing she asks me is, "How are you?" I give her a look that says "Are you retarded?" in response, and eventually she caught on and got me my whiteboard to write on.
So I'm not going to go on a play-by-play of my ability to eat and speak and get out of bed. Enough people have suffered through my mundane stories. Suffice to say, I'm doing great. I pretty much sailed through this whole thing. Just can't bite with the back of my mouth yet. And I can totally feel the stitches and they feel so weird!

I really didn't mean to go into that much detail about my wisdom teeth. I'm such a rambler.

I don't work until Wednesday. A week off is nice. I've been moderately productive, I think. Cleaned a bit, got some exercise, did some chemistry work, watched a lot of movies. Also, my amazing list of movies that I own now also has the rottentomatoes.com rating of each movie. I have 122 movies, 7 of which are rated 100% (you'd never guess which). I'm also going through my music collection. I realized I was retarded and had been copying my music at a terrible bitrate all this time (112!!). So I had to re-copy all my cds to 320kbp/s and fix up their id3 tags and transfer them over to my external harddrive. Next, I'm going to go through all my music and do some re-organizing, then completely re-update my mp3 player. Yeah, I'm a geek. You with your 128kbp/s bitrate, .wma format, 2GB iPod.
Oh I am such an electronics snob.

I think I'll get surround sound speakers once we move.
Oh yeah, we're moving.
My grandma's estate was settled and my mom got a ridiculous amount of money (in context), so now we can actually afford to move. It's super exciting to think about! We've hated this place since before we even moved in. Now we can stop paying rent, and get new appliances, and other exciting things! Although we haven't even started looking at places yet, so yes... eventually. Within the year?
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