dreams the way we planned them (xo_superman_ox) wrote,
dreams the way we planned them

If I had a little money

This is a long week back at work. I've made back about half what I spent on my trip. So it takes two months to pay off two weeks of vacation.
I'm not even going to talk about work this time though, except to mention Jason better get the job! Then we can work together yayyyy.

I got the entrance scholarship from the U of M after all. I wasn't sure if they'd say you have to be coming straight from high school or some crap like that. I'm pretty sure I got the higher one I was hoping for too. And I have that other scholarship I got for being awesome (since Joey got it the year before me I determined that's what the critera was), and my GIC matures in September. So there's like two grand for school without me doing anything! Very pleased.

I can't open my mouth all the way yet.

If Mike gets to see Wicked and Spamalot while he's in New York I will cry. Just cry. My top four musicals are West Side Story, Phantom of the Opera, Wicked and Spamalot. He will have seen 3 of those while I have only seen 1! Blah. Plus he saw Les Mis on London's West End. What a pooface. I'm so jealous I could stab him.
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