dreams the way we planned them (xo_superman_ox) wrote,
dreams the way we planned them

Let's talk about you and me

I did some calculations, and between my two jobs I'm working 50 hours next week, not one day off. If you were thinking of applying, please do ASAP. I don't feel like working 5 shifts a week there, it will drive me crazy. I love money, but I also love sanity. And sleep. And a social life. And free time.
I agreed to work Jazz on the Rooftop tomorrow night. I get to see Jazz on the Rooftop free and you don't. Neener. Honestly I don't care about Jazz on the Rooftop I would totally rather have the night free but I don't know how to say no. Like the perfect rape victim.

I have nothing interesting to ever talk about because my life is consumed by mundane things. Like work. Work work work. Blahhh.
I miss being a student =(.

Yes... nothing interesting to say.

I hate the rain. Because it messes up my hair.
How vain.
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