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Yo ho

What I would like most right now, is fun.
A specific example of fun that I am desiring would be... a girls night out, I think.
Go to a club, have a few drinks, laugh with my friends, and hook up with a cute guy.
That is what I would like most right now.
Well maybe not at this moment because I'm feeling pretty tired.

Marie-Anne's made a girls night every Thursday or something? Except I keep having to work. I don't work tomorrow night, but I do during the day and I have to open the next day. Ugh yuck gross. I'm getting pretty tempted to just go out anyway and to hell with sleep. I still manage to be tired with a full night's sleep anyway.

I've gone on a money spending binge. This happened to me around Christmas time too. The more I work and the less time I have, the more I spend. I go crazy buying movies and clothes for myself, and whatever else for everyone else. My mom's birthday is coming up and I'll be throwing down another $200 on that, and then my sister's is right after and that's definitely going to be at least $200. I'm up to 135 DVDs now. I just did some quick math on that, and if I paid $10 for each of those movies (which I think for most is about right), that's $1350. Figuring in taxes and a higher price on box sets, definitely more like $1700. I think my DVD collection is officially the most expensive thing I own. Umm yeah I doubt my laptop was even worth that much brand new. Paul's penis. I can be pretty snobby about movies. Basically I think I know it all and nobody else knows anything. Except Jason. He's the only one that I allow have an opinion on movies. Even people that I think have good taste in movies, still not good enough to actually value their opinion. I saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3 tonight, but I'm not certain how I feel about it. I'll have to have a discussion on it with Jason before I decide.
So they're making a Hairspray movie? It's a cute musical. John Travolta is in it, playing a gay character even though scientology refutes homosexuality. Just goes to show, love money wins everytime.

I bought some clothes yesterday... you can't really describe clothes, so I won't. They were all very much on sale, that's always nice. I went to Bootlegger, and I was pretty shocked by the service. Clothing stores are all pretty much the same in the service department, someone starts a room for you, asks how you're doing, gets you a different size, etc. I've been surprised first at Smart Set, where this chick went over and above to start a conversation with me and pick out things for me, and offer her opinion. I ended up getting something completely different from what I went into the change room with, and got accessories which I never do. Bootlegger was the next to surprise me, the guy was beyond friendly and just in a genuine good, fun mood. He didn't just ask if he could start a room, he asked my name. And before going into the room he made sure he had the spelling right, and then there are whiteboards on all the rooms where he wrote my name and his name. It made the whole exchange very personalized. I've rambled so much about Paul's penis that I'm starting to forget my point. I guess the moral of the story is good service is good. Do clothing stores have commission?

I've been using Crest Whitestrips, and I can definitely notice a difference. My sister and Mike had both used it and had a difference too, which is why I gave them a shot. So I'm glad all that money hasn't gone to waste =)

On the topic of coworkers, because I went all this time without saying anything about work:
- I'm trying to get one coworker fired, at the WAG. I can't stand working with her, she's a bitch. All that's needed is somebody to replace her.
- I had a dream I made out with a guy in my department. Super weird, because I've never thought of him "that way". And he has a girlfriend and even in my dream I was like wait... what are you doing you have a girlfriend...
- There is one guy I think I'd actually like to make out with, or maybe I'm just thinking I would. You know in your head you imagine something to be better than it actually is? Yeah, maybe that. Like, I think he's cute, but that could be just how I remember him and in fact he's not actually that cute. He likes macs and I'm not sure how I feel about that.
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