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Girl you've got something I like

Mike says:
i gotta shower and eat. i'll talk to ya later pumpkin
// superman  ..[quirky-ness.com].. [waiting for lightning] says:
// superman  ..[quirky-ness.com].. [waiting for lightning] says:
have fun my little jew
  You have failed to receive file "Karate Kid - You're The Best Around.mp3" from Mike.
Mike says:
ah damnit
Mike says:
forgot about that
// superman  ..[quirky-ness.com].. [waiting for lightning] says:
god damnit you stupid jew!
Mike sends:
Mike says:
// superman  ..[quirky-ness.com].. [waiting for lightning] says:
thank you boyfriendface :)

There are a couple things you may not know about me.
1. I really want to get in a fist fight. And win. Not so much lose.
2. I really want to get shot. Just to have the experience.
3. I have business cards now. Oh yes. Cayla Baker, sales associate.

I'm an awesome sales associate. Not because of the sales part, I actually kind of suck at that part, but because I like to help people. Here is my current future shop story, following this warning for those with better things to do than read my stories. However since you have read this far, that category obviously doesn't belong to you, you loser with no life. So keep reading.
A customer came in looking for an mp3 player with video capabilities. Being a smart cookie, she knew she wanted to avoid iPods and was thinking about a Creative. I was obviously the best person for this job. So she picked up our last 30GB zen vision: m in black, along with a/v cables and a charger kit. She comes back in a few days later, saying the player was acting up and none of the cables seemed to work. I spend oh at least an hour with her, troubleshooting everything. I determine the problem lies with the player, so she exchanges it for a different one. However she has to get a white one as we have no more black. White however is on clearance and is much cheaper. I play salesperson for a bit and make her a deal. I dropped the price from $229.99 (the black was $299.99) to $199.99, and she gets the 2 year replacement plan so she doesn't have to worry about it giving her any shit later on. She got this for $49.99, when otherwise it would have been $69.99. So I created this beautifully mutual beneficial scenario. She got a player and protection for less than she originally paid, I sold a clearance item and got PSP. So she's going to go home and test out this player with the cables and see if it works now. I give her my number and tell her I'll look into the issue for her and if it doesn't work, call me and I'll see what else I can do.
So after work I went searching around and found a complete solution for her. The problem is that the player uses and different cable than standard a/v cables. The internet tells me a couple ways she might be able to get those cables to work, and also shows me that Best Buy right next door has in stock the actual cables she'll need for everything (Future Shop does not even carry them. FUCK). However, it has been two days and I have not heard from her. Did she get them to work? Did she find her own solution? Does she hate me forever?
Why can't she just call me and tell me whatever happened so I can know and not still be waiting for a call goddamnit.
Also, why the hell can't Future Shop carry more non-ipod accessories, eff. Every other brand makes them more money, and Creative has a shit ton of accessories out there. Half the reason people like iPod more is because of everything you can do with it. Creative is the only real force against Apple in this market, give it a chance damn you.
That rant is done now. I'm such a geek sometimes it hurts.
Or is that my frequent headaches.

I got a package from World Vision, it was a booklet about communicating with my sponsor child. I'm pretty excited to write him a letter, but what the hell do I write?

I'm ready to back to school. I'm ready for the stability, the lack of responsibility, the mental challenge.

I've got Jhun looking into getting a car for me. Here's hoping?
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